Representing Employees In Meal & Rest Period Claims

Employers are required to provide employees with a certain number of rest periods and meal breaks to comply with California State employment law and federal regulations. Many employees are forced to endure unlawful working conditions just to secure their jobs. Others are threatened with retaliation, including retaliatory termination, if they report employer misconduct. At the Law Offices of Allan A. Sigel, P.C., we offer strategic, experienced advocacy to protect the rights of employees in meal and rest period claims.

Denying employees the right to meal breaks and rest periods is illegal. If your employer has acted unlawfully in denying meal and rest periods or has retaliated against you for reporting wrongdoing, contact us for aggressive advocacy on your behalf. Call us toll free at 800-651-0702 to speak with an attorney.

Maximize Your Compensation For Unlawful Denial Of Breaks

Employers are required to provide adequate resting and break periods during shifts. Failure to do so may give you a claim to collect compensation for a violation of your rights. A pattern on the part of the employer may give rise to a class action lawsuit. Attorney Allan Sigel will investigate the facts of your case, contact witnesses and determine whether you have a claim. If you have a case, we will provide aggressive and strategic advocacy on your behalf.

Our firm has experience handling claims involving:

  • Unpaid lunch breaks
  • Denied breaks
  • Denial of meal breaks
  • Retaliation for reporting unlawful conduct

Class Action Lawsuits Involving Meal And Rest Period Claims

A class action lawsuit allows a number of employees to bring a single suit against an employer. The class action is beneficial because it allows the court to settle claims on behalf of the class instead of litigating each individual claim. Our firm has experience handling complex class action lawsuits and will aggressively represent your interests as a member of the class to maximize compensation and recovery for your claim. Class representatives may receive not only the particular compensation for the financial damage they have suffered, but they may also receive a court award.

Contact us online to speak with a lawyer regarding meal and rest period claims and your rights. We offer experienced and strategic advocacy to clients throughout the state of California.