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Posts tagged "unpaid overtime"

Employment requirements for overtime in California

The state of California provides that employees are entitled to overtime pay, if they meet certain requirements. Any employee that is classified as non-exempt and over the age of 18 may not work over eight hours in any day or 40 hours in any week without receiving overtime pay for the excess hours worked. Overtime pay is one and a half time the employee's regular pay.

What kind of wage and hour violations occur during the holidays?

California employees are granted many protections from improper payment and labor activities by their employer. These protections provide them with adequate wages and ensure that they are compensated accordingly when they work more than the standard amount of hours. Situations may arise throughout the year, however, that make it difficult for Californian employers to abide by these protections at all times.

Alanis Morrisette accused of unpaid overtime in LA

Musician Alanis Morrisette has been in the spotlight before for accusations related to unpaid overtime. She is now facing another suit against her and her husband related to a wage and hour dispute. Morrisette is most famous for her 90s pop hit 'Ironic' but has recently been the focus of lawsuits related to wage disputes by former employees. The former employee is alleging several complaints that violate Los Angeles labor law.

Who can help me with my unpaid overtime dispute?

Some businesses in California today will go to any length to avoid paying wages or overtime owed to employees. They usually have one excuse after the other as to why the employee or ex-employee hasn't been paid. In order to claim the money you earned, you may need to fight for it. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Allan A. Segal, P.C. have the experience to fight for the wages their clients are entitled to.

Anheuser-Busch InBev sued in wage and hour dispute

Workers in Los Angeles are often vulnerable to an employer trying to save money at the expense of paying proper wages under the law. This can include a wage and hour violation and unpaid overtime. There are laws that are in place designed to protect workers from being deprived of their rights. Often, it's not a small company that is confronted with allegations of failing to pay its workers fairly, but large ones that are prominent and well-known to all.

Cheerleaders' claims in NFL wage and hour dispute moves forward

In Los Angeles, there are legal requirements that employers must follow when paying their workers. These include providing legal wages and overtime. That, however, doesn't mean employers always follow the law. Employees have rights and when there is a wage and hour violation, they have the right to pursue the matter legally. With a wage and hour dispute and unpaid overtime, employers should be held accountable for any violation they're accused of committing.

Just how poor are wage and hour protections for exotic dancers?

Exotic dancers, just like employees in all other industries, are entitled to the protections of the Fair Labor Standards Act and other state and federal labor and employment laws. Unfortunately, these dancers often don't get a lot of respect, and the workers may believe -- or may even be told -- that they have no right to be paid a minimum wage, keep their tips and be paid for overtime.

Court: Mira Loma firm's wage & hour suit interviews too coercive

A Mira Loma warehouse operator that contracts out to Wal-Mart is facing a potential class-action wage and hour lawsuit over policies the employees say unfairly denied them overtime and violated their rights. Perhaps in an extremely misguided effort to be proactive, the company arranged to have the complaining employees brought in for interviews, supposedly for an internal investigation into working conditions at the firm.

DOL cracking down on FLSA violations in LA's garment industry

After a federal court upheld its subpoena against LA-based clothing chain Forever 21, the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division confirmed that the agency is cracking down on what it considers widespread violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act in Southern California's apparel industry. The federal agency claims that garment makers and retailers violate the FLSA's recordkeeping, minimum wage and overtime requirements on an almost habitual basis. In fact, the DOL found violations in 93 percent of the apparel companies it has investigated.

Atrocious sexual harassment, labor violations at Redwood City Co.

Two employees, a man and a woman, have filed complaints against Redwood City-based high-tech equipment dealer Capital Asset Exchange and Trading, LLC. The two worked as capital equipment traders for CAET and claim that the company's management allowed a hypersexual, lurid workplace culture to develop which included routinely calling women "whores" and "bitches" and numerous incidents of company-sponsored strippers and even prostitutes.

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