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Posts tagged "Employment Discrimination"

Protections against workplace discrimination and harassment

It is important for workers and their families to be aware that they are protected from unlawful discrimination in the workplace and are also protected from unlawful harassment, such as sexual harassment, in the workplace. In addition, if employees face a demotion, or wrongful termination in retaliation by an employer for reporting workplace discrimination and harassment, they are also protected.

People have rights during the hiring process

When the topic of employment law comes up, the natural tendency is to think of people that are already employed being discriminated against, sexually harassed, neglected financially, and wrongfully terminated. What many people won't consider is that a prospective employee -- a job candidate -- has rights too under the legal umbrella of employment law. The hiring process is a critical time for both the company and the people who want the job. So today, let's talk about this critical process.

Can a worker be discriminated against for being pregnant?

A pregnancy is usually a joyful event in a woman's life. However, for working women who are victims of discrimination based on their pregnancy, this time can be fraught with anxiety and extreme stress. What many in Southern California may not realize is that the topic of pregnancy discrimination is taken seriously by the law and has even been addressed at the national level.

Our attorneys advocate for protection from discrimination

Employment discrimination and harassment can happen through the creation of a hostile work environment or the occurrence of an adverse employment action as a result of an employee's reporting of illegal activity. It can consist of improper treatment by an employer or their improperly speaking to or about an employee in a negative manner.

Two women allege workplace discrimination based on race, gender

Most Los Angeles residents probably believe that discrimination in many different areas of life is on the decline in America. Our country certainly has come a long way from the days of slavery or Jim Crow laws. However, racial discrimination is unfortunately alive in many aspects of day-to-day life. One place where it can be easily seen is in employment discrimination.

What constitutes workplace harassment, and who is liable?

Unnecessary conduct, such as offensive comments or jokes, slights and annoying behavior, should not be encouraged in the workplace. However, this type of conduct often occurs. Some employees may be sensitive to this behavior and feel that co-workers or their employer is harassing them as a result. For this reason, many California residents may be curious as to what conduct actually constitutes harassment in the workplace.

Protection from discrimination due to pregnancy

As residents of Los Angeles may know, federal law prohibits discrimination against any worker by his or her employer if he or she is a member of a protected class. These classes include race, religion and gender, among many others. These protections may be governed further with regards to specific types of discrimination. For example, female employees that are pregnant are protected from discrimination by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Common myths about the Americans with Disabilities Act

Readers of this blog know that employees of a business or organization have certain protections. For example, they are protected from sexual harassment, retaliation, and various types of discrimination. Amongst those discriminations from which workers are protected is discrimination based on disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, provides these protections. Yet, there is a lot of misinformation out there about the ADA, and we wanted to address a few of the myths here to give Los Angelinos an idea of how the ADA can help them.

California state employees bring suit against language policy

Employees that are members of a protected class are afforded certain legal rights. If they are being treated unfairly by their employer, or subject to a harassing policy, they are entitled to enforce these rights through administrative or legal action.

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