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Wrongful Termination Archives

Can an employee handbook help my wrongful discharge case?

Like several other states, the courts in California are willing to enforce the terms of an employee handbook, as long as the employer distributes the handbook to its employees and as long as the obligations and promises it contains are sufficiently specific to enforce. California courts do so under the theory that an employer would not issue a handbook if it did not expect to follow the policies in it, and employees would, on the other hand, consult the handbook in order to know what the employer expected.

Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated in the workplace

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace may make every day a challenge for workers facing such treatment. On a daily basis, victims in these situations may face a hostile work environment and concerns related to a demotion, wrongful termination or retaliation from an employer for reporting the illegal conduct they are subjected to. It is illegal for an employer to fire an employee in retaliation for reporting illegal conduct or to treat them differently.

Workers should understand wrongful termination protections

A job and job security is understandably important to many workers. Because of this, it is important for employees who have been recently fired or laid off to understand their wrongful termination rights in circumstances when the action taken may have been unlawful. In some circumstances, the employee may be able to obtain monetary damages, a severance package or other damages.

Woman brings wrongful termination lawsuit in Los Angeles

Workers have important protections against wrongful termination so it is important to understand them. A wrongful termination lawsuit was recently heard in a Los Angeles courtroom. The CEO of a local rehabilitation center testified that he terminated the center's former human resources director because she did not perform up to expectations, and not because she had reported alleged workplace violations. The woman brought a wrongful termination claim alleging retaliation, as well as age and disability discrimination.

Tennis commentator files wrongful termination suit against ESPN

In today's age, "going viral" is often a goal some people in Los Angeles who are seeking Internet fame only dream of. However, not all statements that "go viral" do so for positive reasons. In fact, it takes only one misinterpretation of a person's remarks to have an otherwise upstanding person's reputation tarnished through no fault of their own.

Gun sale dispute prompts manager to claim wrongful termination

Wrongful discharge lawsuits typically originate as a dispute between the employer and an employee who differs with one or more of the employer's policies. A wrongful termination lawsuit recently filed in Los Angeles provides something of an exception to this rule because it originated in a dispute between a store manager and a would-be customer.

AMPAS sued for terminating disabled employee

The term "wrongful termination" encompasses a wide variety of illegal decisions by employers to fire their employees. One of the most egregious examples of wrongful termination is the decision by an employer to discharge an employee who is struggling with or recovering from a serious illness or injury. A recent lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by a former employee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences provides a powerful example of such wrongful conduct.

Anatomy of a wrongful termination claim in California

Claims for wrongful termination of employment are common in the courts of Southern California, but many people think that most employees cannot bring such claims because they are employees at will; that is, they may be fired at any time for no reason. While this view is generally correct, California courts have carved out an important exception: discharges based on actions that are violations of public policy.

Ex-Snapchat employee sues for wrongful termination

Wrongful termination lawsuits usually begin with an unhappy employee who has complained about improper treatment by a superior or co-workers and has been fired for complaining. Employees who call attention to other kinds of misconduct by their employers - usually labeled whistleblowers - are also the source of wrongful termination lawsuits, as demonstrated by a recent case filed in Los Angeles.

Jury awards $545,000 in wrongful termination case

Despite the settled rule that workers cannot be fired based solely on their age, age discrimination can be difficult to prove because other factors, such as poor job performance, are often present. A recent verdict in a wrongful termination case shows, however, that given the proper evidence, victims of age discrimination can succeed in court.

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