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Sexual Harassment Archives

Many flight attendants still experience sexual harassment

People in Los Angeles who take a trip on an airplane, whether for work or pleasure, count on their flight attendants to make sure the flight is comfortable and safe. Moreover, flight attendants, like any other workers, expect to be treated fairly while on-the-job. However, according to a recent survey of flight attendants who work for the major airlines, sexual harassment remains a huge problem in the industry. The survey was conducted by the Association of Flight Attendants, a trade union that, as its name implies, represents the flight crew members who, first and foremost, are responsible for keeping airline passengers safe.

Congress mulling over reform in wake of #MeToo movement

Residents of California may be interested to learn that, in the wake of the ongoing public backlash against sexual harassment, Congress is considering changes in the Congressional Accountability Act. As its name implies, under this law Congressional leaders must follow the federal laws that they are charged with making on behalf of the general public. Among other things, this Act covers the process by which complaints alleging sexual harassment by members of Congress get handled.

State court system has settled several sexual harassment claims

Los Angeles residents probably expect better from those who are charged with enforcing this state's laws against discrimination and sexual harassment. Some California courts have found themselves defending against allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior among their various employees, some of whom are or were judges.

How often does woman-on-man sexual harassment occur?

Sexual harassment has been a heavily reported topic in the news media these days, and that is not without good reason. A lot of women have had the courage of late to come forward and explain how men, who were usually in a position of power, took advantage of them in a work or other environment.

To whom do I have to report sexual harassment?

When a Los Angeles employee gets sexually harassed, he or she may not want to talk about it at all, even before a judge or with his or her attorney. Sexual harassment is in almost all cases a very embarrassing thing to happen to someone, and it may mean rehashing some emotionally traumatic events that are also almost by definition lewd and degrading.

California lawmakers seek justice for sex harassment allegations

With each week, more and more women and men who have experienced sexual harassment or assault have bravely come forward to share their stories. The extreme prevalence of these sort of encounters reveals a problematic issue within our workforce (and beyond). If it was in doubt before, there is not one now: Sexual harassment happens far too often in almost every workplace in this country.

Busting one of the major myths about sexual harassment

Most workers in California probably have a vague idea of what constitutes sexual harassment. Fortunately, most workers have probably not encountered such workplace harassment, but for those who have, the victimization can be damaging and long-lasting. Still, California has key laws in place meant to protect employees from certain types of disruptive and often highly demeaning behavior.

What are the different types of sexual harassment?

Victims who believe they may be suffering sexual harassment in the workplace may wonder what constitutes sexual harassment. There are two primary categories of sexual harassment recognized in the workplace and victims have legal recourse options if they have been subjected to sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is considered a form of discrimination under federal law and, in addition, states typically have their own sexual harassment laws which are important to be familiar with.

Employer obligations to prevent and correct sexual harassment

In California, employers are subject to the harassment regulations in the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Under these provisions, employees are protected from harassing conduct based on sex, gender or pregnancy, regardless of whether the conduct was based on sexual desire.

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