Apartment Rental Security Deposit Disputes

When you place a security deposit down on an apartment or in another agreement, you trust that the deposit will be held as long as necessary and fairly returned upon compliance. A landlord or other corporate entity that makes a practice out of withholding security deposits may be liable in a class action lawsuit for security deposit withholding. At Law Offices of Allan A. Sigel, P.C., we offer strategic support and advocacy to protect our clients in security deposit disputes.

We help clients collect the security deposit they are owed in cases involving apartment rentals and other contractual agreements.

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As a renter, you put down a security deposit in trust that it will be returned after you move out. It can be frustrating to discover that a landlord is withholding your deposit even though your apartment was left in good condition. Landlords and owners of large apartment complexes are notorious for routinely refusing to return deposits or making partial returns as a part of strategy to increase profits. This illegal withholding of deposits may make landlords susceptible to class action litigation on behalf of renters. We also handle claims involving:

  • Landlords who act illegally and routinely violate lease agreements
  • Landlords who illegally enter premises or steal property
  • Landlords who ignore complaints or fail to maintain the premises

Class Action Litigation In Security Deposit Disputes

If you suspect that your landlord has made it a practice to deny security deposits, we will begin an immediate investigation on your behalf. We will contact witnesses, collect documentation and take every necessary step to successfully resolve your case. Our firm has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of clients and has the resources and experience to represent you in complex class action litigation. Benefits of class actions include:

  • Class representatives can get an additional award from the court
  • A class action allows you to recover the deposit you are owed
  • You can bring a claim on behalf of other renters injured by the practice

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