Providing Experienced Counsel For False Product Claims

Deceptive trade practices and consumer fraud can result in millions of dollars of profit for companies that falsely advertise their product. A routine practice of fraud can mean millions of dollars in losses for consumers. If you suspect that you or someone you love was a victim of deceptive trade practices or a false product claim, we can pursue your claim and protect your rights.

At Law Office of Allan A. Sigel P.C., we are committed to representing clients in complex and class action litigation involving false product claims. Our firm's founding attorney, Allan A. Sigel, has more than 45 years of experience advocating for victims of deceptive business practices. We apply our years of experience and legal skills to fight back against false advertising claims.

We are strong advocates for consumer protection and consumer rights. Let us pursue your claim involving deceptive business practices.

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Experienced Advocacy Focused On Consumer Rights

Consumers who have been victimized by fraud and deceptive business practices may be able to collect compensation for false product claims. At the Law Offices of Allan A. Sigel, P.C., we stand up for consumers who have been taken advantage of by deceptive, illegal and unethical business practices, including:

Class Actions And False Product Claims Lawsuits

We have experience handling complex litigation on behalf of consumers in false products claims. If you are a representative member of a class, you may be able to collect a court reward for bringing the suit in addition to the recovery you are owed for consumer fraud. We will take a strategic and aggressive approach to ensure that you and other members of the injured class collect the compensation you deserve.

If you think you have been victimized by false product claims or deceptive trade practices, we can protect your rights and help you seek compensation through class action litigation. We routinely pursue claims against large corporate entities, pharmaceutical companies and other big businesses responsible for consumer fraud.

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